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265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester, MA 02770-4028

The Artisan Bake Shop

How To Order - Inquire About A Custom Cake

Raspberry Lemon Cake Push Pop

Contact us via Email or By Phone:

Option 1: Our Signature Cakes are

  • pre-designed
  • pre-priced styles (the colors can change), these cakes can be found here: Signature Cakes

Signature cakes are also our most budget-friendly designs as well, signature cakes are for pick-up only.

Signature Cake Sizes/ $ Pricing: Please click here to download pricing information.

Order with as little as 4 days notice: Orders close on Tuesday at 6 pm for pickup Friday, Saturday, Sunday.

If you would like to order a signature cake please provide the following details:

  • cake size
  • design name
  • one (1) cake flavor
  • one (1) cake filling
  • one (1) cake frosting (chocolate= dark chocolate brown color on exterior) (vanilla buttercream= white exterior color)
  • your name and phone number
  • pick up date

Option 2: Chef's Choice Single Tiered, Round Buttercream Cake

Chef's Choice Single Tiered, Round Buttercream Cakes: are chef's choice for design: no sketches, or exact details will be provided. You have to trust us (if you're a control freak: this option is not for you!)

  • all cakes include a vanilla buttercream frosting with handmade fondant decor (all is edible)

Why Chef's Choice? You get a really cool cake, with custom decor at a lesser price than a full Custom Cake and also we need less lead time than a full custom cake.

You Provide THE FOLLOWING (8) EIGHT DETAILS a minimum of 10 business days prior to your party date (business days are Tuesday-Saturday):

  • your theme (or photo of your invitation or paper goods)
  • your color palette
  • celebrant's birthday number (optional)
  • inscription of choice (optional)

Please click here for cake information to also provide the following:


Pricing: is +$12 from any price listed for a Chef's Choice Single Tiered, Round Buttercream Cake


Option 3: Custom Cakes

Custom Cakes are Anything beyond the designs shown in the Signature Cake galleries, or from the photo that you sent to us require artwork or photos to be send at least 30 days ahead of your party date.

Custom Cakes are priced by the decor on the exterior of the design, and then flavors, as well (we have flavors for you, so the exterior design will help us to be able to provide a quote:

Custom Cakes: a design that you would like to create from:

  • 1) A photo from our Website, Facebook, or Instagram
  • 2) Your invitation/paper goods
  • 3) A photo of a cake that you found (let's say on Pinterest)
  • 4) Idea you'd like to share

Up to (4) photos can be emailed to us.

Once we have the photos: we'll email a no-obligation sketch worksheet to you within 72 hours of receipt of your photos, this will be a PDF file with pricing and details for the designs, as well as how to book with us, if you choose to.

Raspberry Lemon Cake Push Pop