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The Artisan Bake Shop

Thanksgiving Menu 2020

Holiday Specials

  • {Thanksgiving Mini Pastry Box} 4 pumpkin snickerdoodle cookie sammies, 4 pumpkin swirl cheesecakes, 4 mini chocolate mousse cups, 4 mini salted caramel stuffed vanilla cupcakes with vanilla frosting and fancy fall sprinkles.
    • $40. (no substitutions)
  • {Pumpkin Swirl Cheesecake} Vanilla & pumpkin cheesecake batters swirl together with a little brown sugar, cinnamon warm autumn spices. In a buttered graham cracker crust. Topped with real whipped cream & Biscoff cookie pieces.
    • 6" = $33. (Serves 4-8)
    • 8" = $45. (Serves 10-12)
  • {Box of Our "Mini" Cupcakes} 4 pumpkin with cream cheese frosting, 4 vanilla with vanilla buttercream, 4 chocolate with fudge filling and vanilla buttercream frosting. Fancy fall sprinkles.
    • $26.40 for a box of 12.

Artisan Cakes

  • {Apple Carrot Cake} Old-fashioned layer cake studded with fresh apples and shredded carrots. Filled and frosted in cream cheese buttercream coated in candied pumpkin seed brittle. Topped with house made apple chips.
    • Small Size 6" = $39. (Serves 6-8)
    • Medium Size 8" = $50. (Serves 10-14)
  • {Fall Sprinkle Cake} Layers of chocolate and vanilla cake, vanilla buttercream filling and frosting, FANCY sprinkles at the base of the cake, buttercream dollops with more sprinkles.
    • 5" round (serves 4-5) = $25. - (Avail. Gluten-Free +$5.00)
    • 6" round (serves 6-9) = $33. - (Avail. Gluten-Free +$6.00)
    • 7" round (serves 10-14) = $37. - (Avail. Gluten-Free +$7.00)
    • 8" round (serves 16-18) = $44. - (Avail. Gluten-Free +$8.00)
    • 9" round (serves 19-22) = $58. - (Avail. Gluten-Free +$9.00)
  • {Pumpkin Toffee Crunch Cake} Pumpkin cake layers filled & frosted in cream cheese buttercream, covered in Heath Bar® pieces with fancy fondant pumpkin décor. CONTAINS TREE NUTS!
    • 6" round (serves 6-9) = $39.
    • 7" round (serves 10-14) = $47.
    • 8" round (serves 16-18) = $54.
    • 9" round (serves 19-22) = $75.
  • {Fall Drip Cake} Layers of vanilla and chocolate cake, fancy chocolate chip 'stratcciatella' buttercream filling and vanilla buttercream frosting with gold splatter. Edible, hand sculpted fall leaves, acorns. Orange drip and "Thankful" birch inscription or Inscription of Choice.
    • 6" round (serves 6-9) = $40. - (Avail. Gluten-Free +$6.00)
    • 7" round (serves 10-14) = $50. - (Avail. Gluten-Free +$7.00)
    • 8" round (serves 16-18) = $60. - (Avail. Gluten-Free +$8.00)
    • 9" round (serves 19-22) = $70. - (Avail. Gluten-Free +$9.00)
  • 9" Deep Dish Artisan Favorite Pies

    All Pies are Baked to a Deep Golden Brown. 9" deep dish pie serves 6-9.

    • {Southern Pecan Pie} All-butter, handmade hand-fluted crust. Not-too-sweet filling with a hint of sea salt and over a pound of pecans. $25.
    • {Chocolate Pecan Pie} Layer of dark chocolate ganache tops our sinful Southern Pecan Pie. $28.
    • {Double Chocolate Mousse Pie} Chocolate crust w/a thin layer of ganache, dark chocolate mousse, real whipped cream, chocolate shavings & chocolate crunchies. $25.
    • {Cazuela (caz-way-LA)} 9" deep dish pie, all-butter crust, sweet potato, pumpkin, coconut + ginger filling (like pumpkin pie but w/a Cuban twist) - has a cult following!) $23.
    • {Chef's Baked Vanilla Custard} 9" deep dish pie, all-butter crust, vanilla bean baked custard in an all-butter shell. $23.

    9" Deep Dish Double Crust Pies

    All Pies are Baked to a Deep Golden Brown. 9" deep dish pie serves 6-9. $25.

    • All-butter, handmade hand-fluted crust. Apple and Apple-Cranberry Pies weigh in just under 4 pounds before baking!
    • Apple or Apple-Cranberry or Wild Blueberry

    9" Dutch Crumb Deep Dish Pies

    9" deep dish pie serves 6-9. $23.

    • All-butter, handmade hand-fluted crust filled with house made fruit filling. Topped with oatmeal cookie crumble streusel. Baked to a deep golden brown. Before baking pies weigh in at just under 4 pounds!
    • Dutch Apple or Dutch Wild Blueberry or Dutch Apple-Cranberry

    How to Place an Order

    We'll need your phone number to place your order, too. You will FIRST receive our auto-reply, THEN a separate confirmation email. If you do not receive both, please contact us by phone - it may be in the black hole of our spam box! PLEASE ALLOW 24 HOURS FOR A CONFIRMATION. If you do not receive an email reply within 24 hours: your order HAS NOT BEEN received.

    When Should I Place My Order?

    • For guaranteed availability: Please place your order by Friday, November 20, at 6:00 pm
      (*also last date to make changes of any kind and/or cancellations*)

    When Do I Pick Up My Order?

    • Monday, November 23, from 2:00pm-6:00pm - (not recommended for items w/ whipped cream to be served on Thursday) - OR
    • Tuesday, November 24, from Noon-6:00pm - OR
    • Wednesday, November 25, from Noon-6:00pm
    • (Monday Pick Up: not recommended for items to be served on Thursday. Monday pick up would be late afternoon, please call for more information: 508-763-4905)

    How Do I Pay For My Order?

    • Payment Due at Time of Pickup.
    • We Accept Credit/Debit/Checks/Cash.
    • 5% Discount for Personal Checks & Cash.

    How To Store / Serve My Item(s)

    Since 2006, Artisan Bake Shop has been creating award-winning cakes, pastries, & scratch-baked sweets serving southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, South Shore, to Newport, Bristol, and Tiverton, Rhode Island.

    Our award-winning cakes are designed for your event with the perfect combination of style, flavor, and service. Whether fanciful cupcakes for a bridal shower, a tiered fondant cake to match your wedding invitation, or a gorgeous rustic dessert table brimming with pies and cider donuts: Artisan Bake Shop can make your sweet dream a reality. Artisan Bake Shop is the only bakery on the South Coast with a professional artist and pastry chef on staff: our array of scratch-made flavors is unequaled and designs are limitless.

Thanksgiving Mini Pastry Box
Apple Carrot Cake
Pumpkin Toffee Crunch Cake
Double Chocolate Mousse Pie
Deep Dish Apple Pie

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