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The Artisan Bake Shop

Easter Menu 2018

Fine Cakes

  • {Raspberry Lemonade Torte} Liquid cheesecake, fresh raspberries, bold lemon curd, raspberry sauce, milk crumble, layered w/ vanilla cake. 6" Cake. Serves 6-9. $43 (avail GF, does not include milk crumb $50)
  • {Strawberry Tartine Cake} Vanilla mousse, halved fresh strawberries & vanilla cake. Strawberry gelee, w/whipped cream, & fresh strawberries. 7" Cake, Serves 10-14. $37 (GlutenFree $46)
  • {Robin's Egg Cake} 6" chocolate cake, vanilla buttercream filling and frosting, robin's egg blue frosting, chocolate nest & eggs. "Easter Greetings" Serves 6-8. $32 (GlutenFree $42)
  • {Carrot Cake, Naked Torte} 7" layer cake: carrots, pineapple, coconut. Cream cheese icing filling, no exterior frosting. Edible sugar carrots, watercolor flowers. Serves 6-8. $43
  • {Coconut Peter Rabbit Cake} 6" vanilla cake layers, coconut mounds filling, vanilla buttercream frosting/coconut covering, Peter Rabbit edible decor. Serves 6-8. $42 (GlutenFree $47)

Small Sweets

  • {Fancy Cookie Box} Approx. 1.25# (14-19 2-3 bite cookies). $19 or buy 2 boxes for $33 Chef's Choice Selection of the freshest selection that day: toasted pecan shortbread, coconut macaroons, chocolate almond, Earl Grey tea cookies, almond lemon slice, Italian cherry walnut
  • {Artisan Mini Pastry Box} 6 mini chocolate mousse dessert shots, 6 Nantucket Lemon Bars, 6 Almond French Macaron, 6 Fancy Chocolate Cake Pops, 6 Eclairs with custard with chocolate glaze - Box of 30 pieces, $38. SUBSTITUTIONS: $5/each
  • {Easter Cupcake Box} Fancy handmade sugar decorations for Easter. $36. SUBSTITUTIONS: $5/each
    • 4 Chocolate Cake/Vanilla Buttercream
    • 2 Carrot Cake/Cream Cheese
    • 2 Vanilla Cake/Vanilla Buttercream
    • 2 Vanilla Cake/Chocolate Buttercream
    • 2 Vanilla/Lemon Curd Filling/Vanilla Buttercream Frosting

Homemade Pies

  • {SIGNATURE Chocolate Mousse Pie} Dark chocolate mousse in ganache-glazed chocolate crust, w/whipped cream & chocolate vermicelli and chocolate crunchies, 9" pie, serves 6-8. $23.
  • 9" Classic Deep Dish Pies - Serves 6-8, $19.50/each
    • Baked Raspberry Custard
    • Peach
    • Wild Blueberry
    • Vanilla Custard
  • {Meyer Lemon Pie} Meyer lemon cream, graham cracker shell, real whipped cream, fresh edible flowers & shaved coconut. Serves 6-8. $19.50

Savories Breads & Breakfast

  • 9" Deep Dish Quiche - $19.50/each, serves 6-9.
    • Cheddar & Herb
    • Maple Sausage & Roasted Red Pepper
    • Bacon & Cheddar
  • Rolls - Rustic Cheddar Onion Dill or Rustic Ciabatta - $4/dozen - full dozens/one flavor, only
  • Breakfast - Cinnamon Bobka Loaf - $7.95

How to Place an Order

We'll need your phone number to place your order, too. All orders will receive a phone or email confirmation. If you do not receive an email reply within 24 hours: your order HAS NOT BEEN received.

When Should I Place My Order?

  • For guaranteed availability: Please place your order by Tuesday 3/27/18 at 6:30pm
  • Custom Items (or items NOT on the Easter Menu): Orders Close on Friday, 3/23/18 at Noon.

When Do I Pick Up My Order?

  • Saturday, 3/31/18, 10:00am - 3:00pm - (Pick up on Thursday and Friday also available, inquire into Times for Pick Up)

How Do I Pay For My Order?

  • Payment Due at Time of Pickup.
  • We Accept Debit or Credit Cards.
  • 5% Discount for Personal Checks & Cash.

Since 2006, Artisan Bake Shop has been creating award-winning cakes, pastries, & scratch-baked sweets serving southeastern Massachusetts, Cape Cod, South Shore, to Newport, Bristol, and Tiverton, Rhode Island.

Our award-winning cakes are designed for your event with the perfect combination of style, flavor, and service. Whether fanciful cupcakes for a bridal shower, a tiered fondant cake to match your wedding invitation, or a gorgeous rustic dessert table brimming with pies and cider donuts: Artisan Bake Shop can make your sweet dream a reality. Artisan Bake Shop is the only bakery on the South Coast with a professional artist and pastry chef on staff: our array of scratch-made flavors is unequaled and designs are limitless.

Artisan Cookie Box
Robin's Egg Cake
Carrot Cake, Naked Torte
Chocolate Mousse Pie

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