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265 Walnut Plain Road, Rochester, MA 02770-4028

The Artisan Bake Shop

How To Order - Cake Ordering Information

Raspberry Lemon Cake Push Pop

Place Order by Phone 508-763-4905 - OR - by E-mail: artisanbakeshop@gmail.com

Option 1: Signature Cakes:
Our Signature Cakes are 44 designs (colors can change), available in 10 sizes, available in any flavor of our flavors.

(Follow steps A, B, C for ordering).

PLACE ORDER by Tuesday by 6:00 pm for Friday/Saturday - OR - 5 business days for other days of the week.

Click This Link To View Sizes & Pricing:   Signature Cake Pricing & Flavors

Please Choose:

  • -size
  • -cake flavor
  • -filling
  • -frosting (exterior covering): most times is vanilla buttercream, if you choose chocolate frosting the outside of the cake will be brown.


  • -choose writing for the cake (inscription)
  • -would you like to add a birthday/anniversary number?

Please Choose ONE of the 44 designs shown -
Click This Link To View:   Signature Cake Designs

  • -would you like to change the colors? (optional)

Option 2: Chef's Choice: a Single Tiered, Round Buttercream Cake

PLACE ORDER 10 business days in advance: this is a SEMI-CUSTOM cake

Pricing Is: +$12 from the pricing listed above due to the Semi-Custom nature of the design

  • -a round buttercream frosted cake with fondant accents in your theme-

Follow STEPS A and B from above:


  • -please provide us with your party theme/characters that you'd like to use
    (for example: my little pony or paw patrol including Marshall or 60th birthday party in a Kate Spade theme)
    INCLUDE: colors that you'd like to use (optional)

You have to be flexible: No sketches of exactly what the cake will look like will be provided (ie: it will be a surprise as to EXACTLY what the cake will look like)

Option 3: Custom Cakes

What's A Custom Cake?

  • -Custom Cakes are any Cake beyond the designs shown in the Signature Cake galleries or beyond a Chef's Choice.
  • -Custom Cakes can be created from a photo that you email to us.
  • -Custom Cakes require that your artwork or photos to be emailed to us at least 3 weeks prior to your party date.
  • -Availability may be limited on some weeks.

How Far in Advance Do I Inquire About a Custom Cake?

  • -Artwork (photos of the design that you have in mind) will need to be emailed to us at least 3 weeks prior to your party date

How Does the Custom Cake Process Work?


  • -Email Artwork to Us: artisanbakeshop@gmail.com
  • -Up to (4) photos can be emailed to us.
  • -In the email please include:
    • -your first and last name
    • -your party date
    • -your party colors (colors that you'd like to use for the cake)
    • -any important information that we should know

What is Artwork?

  • - A photo from our Website, Facebook, or Instagram
  • - A photo of invitation/paper goods
  • - A photo of a cake that you found - (let's say you found a photo of a cake on Pinterest, using a Google search, or any search engine)
  • - Up to (4) photos can be emailed to us


  • -Within 3-4 days of emailing your photo to us: you'll receive a no-obligation quote via email
  • -This quote will include pricing for the design(s) that you had in mind, as well as other options within lots of price ranges
  • -The quote will include information on "How to Order" should you choose to
Raspberry Lemon Cake Push Pop